What kind of love honestly – with first-or second sight?

What kind of love honestly – with first-or second sight?

What is true love? The one that occurs like a flash, at a glance, or touch. Or is that slowly, slowly, grows out of friendly sympathy, day after day, sometimes months or even years?

What honest – an unconscious impulse or a well-informed choice?

First glance

Their eyes met, and as if lightning had struck both of them. Approximately so imagine the “real” by many, and among them are not only romantic ladies. There is a perception that if there is no spark at the first meeting, relationships will be.

The proponents of this view believe it is more honest feelings based on physiological reactions. The heart beats more often in the body of exhilaration, the blood rises to the face, there are “butterflies in the stomach”.

And it is this is proof of the truth of the arising of love attraction, because the man just can not help myself, so much he is attracted to the object resulting feelings.

A second look

This idea of “real” love is puzzling from another part of humanity. They are completely logical reasoning, which is not possible with one look to fall in love with a perfect stranger to you man. You need to take a closer look, find out what lives and breathes is a potential partner.

For the formation of deep and long-term attachment requires more than the initial impetus to the rapprochement. Important common interests, coincidence of image and rhythm of life, sense of humor, passion, education and welfare, aesthetic views and ethical principles.

Talking about love the main difficulty is that, strictly speaking, no such sense exists. To use this word, each of us has in mind own unique set of sensations, experiences, feelings and emotions that occur when meeting another person. And a whole heap of ideas about how one should behave in such a state as to be all of this and how to identify love. It is impossible to determine the same for all options its truthfulness and assess specific relationships for compliance with certain universal ideas.


If your love is originated from the first glance, there is a possibility that it is not only in the physiological response to an object of desire. Perhaps you are reacting to some external features or behaviors of the person that cause you have what psychologists call transfer. So you see not the person, and projected on him the image of the past. The “Ghost” of someone with whom you have formed an Association that triggers in your mind a set of reactions called “love”.

In this case, the convergence would inevitably lead to enlightenment. After a while, you may find striking differences real partner created from your imagination image. That is, most likely, will cause a feeling of deception, but love will turn into real.

Slow convergence, the gradual recognition of each other definitely helps to locate the right life partner. However, the predominance of rationality in this strategy the choice of a partner can lead to the formation of a team of like-minded people instead of the romantic couple.

People can be so similar, that will gradually turn into a relatives, between which virtually no sexual attraction. And again, the question is how these relationships feel partners. They are good together – that’s great!

Worse, if one of the couple inconvenienced by this situation and he wanted to test himself or to feel from a partner more than physical attraction. This discrepancy of the desired and the actual can put it on the idea that such a “peaceful” love is not real.

And what science says?

What the science says – which of the methods of choosing a partner more successful? Studies have shown that couples who choose each other based on a physiological response are really different from those who prefer a slower path of convergence.

For a long partnership and more importantly, how you interact after mutual declarations of love. At first sight or after a long series of dates, the truth of the feelings cannot be measured from outside. Present your love or not – to solve only to you.