Where to find a normal girl?

Where to find a normal girl?

“No! I can not go!”

The second reason for the trouble finding a normal woman – fierce intransigence. A man is not willing to put up with the disadvantages of women and, moreover, focuses on them.

A man need the woman were perfect all, without exception, to exactly fit the perfect picture.

And if it is all good, but the soup cooks so-so, all down the drain. The man puts her stamp of “abnormal” and deregisters potential saprogenic.

The trouble, of course, is that there are no perfect people, who would live here would fit under our expectations. The image of an ideal partner and real partner always intersect only partially. And, by the way, people who are happily married, take it in their stride (and therefore happy), they are important, so the flaws were not critical.

Those who are constantly looking for in potential partners flaws (and we all have them), be sure to find them. Moreover, the problem described men not only that they are looking for flaws.

Another problem is the inability to assess the degree of criticality of these defects.

Here, for example, inability to cook borscht – a minor flaw, you might say, trifling. But insatiable love of spirits – Yes, this is serious, with a man of porridge will not weld.

The inability to differentiate between critical flaws and minor flaws and leads men all there – to the preposterous conclusion that normal women do not.

How to fix the situation?

My prescription is always the same – turn your head. Learn (independently or psychologist) to think clearly. This activity, of course, not the easiest, but very exciting and exceedingly elevating.

Learn to doubt their conclusions, because they are, the conclusions are often based on cognitive distortions and are nothing more than errors of thinking, which directly ruin our lives.

Always ask yourself the question: “How did I come to this conclusion? Based on what my conclusions? Are there other interpretations of events?”. Even these questions will help you a little bit to sober up.

Well, in the end, just remember that normal people much more than you think.

Total. If a man complains that can not find a normal woman, then it’s not a woman. Such a man is, first, suffering from self-fulfilling beliefs and, secondly, from excessive demands. You need to learn to see the world through calmer, and then a beautiful stranger will quickly appear in the life of this man and likely will remain there for a long time, if not forever.

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