Who is more successful: a bitch or a goddess? Is there any alternative to stervologii?

Who is more successful: a bitch or a goddess? Is there any alternative to stervologii?

Many women dream to get away from the usual roles. As tempting as it seems the image of “steropodon” glamorous ladies, who by storm and takes the hearts of men, and the pinnacle of a career. Is there any alternative to stervologii?




Classic bitch, or vamp, is a vivid and shocking, it is perfectly able to manipulate male complexes. She knows what she wants and goes to any purpose calmly, like a tank, although cleverly disguises your head grace affectionate kitties. Natalia Markovich — known writer, best-selling author of “Anticl. Dismissed, a pancake!” and “Flutter. Cool, damn it!” — gives his definition of the word “bitch”: “first and foremost, is a behavior, and bitchiness are fear and anger. In General, bitches are different. Some desperate, sincere, do not hide their essence. The second — the subtle, sweet, tender. Only a few years, finally bogged down in the relationship, you will understand and appreciate the scale of use”.


List of bitchy beauties huge. Cleopatra and Mata Hari, Marlene Dietrich and Greta Garbo, Lilya Brik, and Gala Dali — women-the legends, women brands. Today, the image of a bitch with her excitement to try on TV personalities, film stars, pop singer and glamorous writer. They are “style icons” and offending stereotypes, constantly annoying the layman with its audacity and ambiguity.




The real bitch because it is so easy to manipulate men, which is as cold as the heroine of Andersen’s fairy tales. Even if at the first stage of Dating, as an experienced actress, the snow Queen portrays passion, the play continues until the chosen one is not going to get dizzy from her spell. And when the “client is ready”, it is possible to freeze completely naive Kai and force the folding of the pieces of ice a word “eternity”, though “power”, even though “wealth” — if only in the end, her ambition was fully realized.


However, the aerobatics for bitches to conquer the person of the “Royal” status… for Example, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, née Jacqueline Lee Bouvier, is one of the most famous gold digging status men. French aristocrat, who became the first lady of America, caused an uproar, becoming the wife of a Greek billionaire. Was Jacqueline a typical bitch? I think it is. During the period of its triumph in the White house, despite the image of a good wife, she became famous as a revolutionary style thanks to its efforts, the interior of the presidential Palace became more glamorous, and the costs of countless toilets Haute couture considerably undermined and family, and the state budget. What is not bitchy life style? Or was it compensation for women’s dissatisfaction — revenge of the loving John, Jackie preferred the cold company of Actresses, including sex symbol Marilyn Monroe?




So the life bitches are not so rosy. But there is an alternative — the philosophy of the goddess, which implies a harmonious sense of self. Natalia Markovich, which is known as a psychologist leading training sessions, offers your path to happiness: “Women have forgotten how to live gently and relaxed and with love. A happy woman — an easy, funny and friendly, she’s good”.


Psychologist Tatiana Tankachova continues this thought, explaining why today it is so popular stervologiya: “I think for a long time in our country the woman was in a subordinate role, played the second violin. And today she wants to feel a strong personality, to prove to the man and to herself that she can do so much”. According to Tatyana, there is an alternative: “As soon cease to play a role imposed on, out aggression. And when you relax, the world is going to meet you. Enough to stop for a moment to see the light and purity in his soul, then people around you will start to smile a lot in your life will change.”


Brilliant Boris Pasternak wrote a very expressive lines: “to Be a Woman — a great step, mad — heroism”. Perhaps a true woman awakens in us when we reveal the divine beginning, listen to your true desires and learn again to enjoy life.