Why a man does not want to acquaint with your parents? 6 reasons

Why a man does not want to acquaint with your parents? 6 reasons

In any relationship between a man and a woman more than enough reasons for thought and anxiety. And unfortunately, rarely in a pair opened quietly and constructively to clarify their questions. More often partners ignore doubts. They confuse to clarify the relationship, which leads to a rapprochement and better understanding, with the explanation thereof, which, however, will very likely result in even more alienation and isolation.

Of course, uncertainty is the main cause of such painful questions as “does he Love me as much as I love him?”, “If he sees me a part of your future?” and finally, “Why is he still not introduced me to your parents?”.

Reasons why your partner is not in a hurry to arrange a meeting with your family, there may be several. Skeptical friend insists that it’s time to think about how seriously to treat you lover does it to you deep and sincere feelings, wants to communicate with you your life. Or he’s just comfortable with you until you meet “the one?” Do not hurry to get upset, because it is not the only possible explanation.

If you will come on reception to the psychologist, most likely he will ask you to think about, why not talk openly with their partner. Besides him, no one can know for sure. If you speak openly? What you really want and you know what she wants in your man? This study can help you get to know yourself, your lover and build a comfortable, pleasing both of you relationship.

What are the most common reasons that meet the parents had not yet been held?

1. He is ashamed of his family

The level of welfare, cultural, and intellectual development and characteristics of family structure, stock characters relatives… you never know what circumstances cause your beloved to experience the unpleasant mixed feelings at the thought that he will have to introduce you to their home! You already have a shared history and certainly in the mind was a certain image of your men.

How they see his relatives, may be radically different from what it is to stand in front of you. The curious history of Dating with their parents with stories about the first pimples or photographs on the pot looks funny in movies, but in life everything may not be so much fun. A man knows best how pursed his lips his mother, he heard many times inappropriate jokes father. Maybe the relationship with family is so bad that nothing good comes from Dating it doesn’t expect?

2. He didn’t think it important

Adult, long separated from the parental family man can do not to think about what is important to you. He did not attach much importance to the traditions and opinions of others. He can not see in the Dating sense, long leading an independent life. He does not need the approval and advice of relatives about how and with whom to live.

It is likely that you will meet his parents only on the wedding, and it was because by the will of God will be with them at the table. This undoubtedly indicates a peculiar manner of your choice to build relationships, but most likely, you are already familiar with it and it suits you.

3. He is afraid

Your partner may experience a variety of fears – both rational and irrational. The man is afraid to acquaint you with his parents because he believes that family (or you yourself) will take it as a step to marriage, to which he was not yet ready. It can be expected that relations will deteriorate, you will lose the lightness that the intervention of relatives to change the habitual way that it can serve as a tool for manipulation.

A man may fear the recurrence of family scenarios, such as divorce. And not to go through with this, does not want to take this relationship to the status of “serious”. Some believe that after the wedding, will certainly just need to have children. In his fantasies formed a frightening chain meet the parents, marriage, children. And he’s not sure he wants children, or worry that will be a bad father.

4. He is ashamed of you

No matter how unpleasant to think about, but the fact of the unwillingness of your beloved, to acquaint you with parents may indicate that he values you low, is not perceived as a significant part of his life. If this is indeed the case, you will likely be able to find several signs testifying to this.

  • How much time do you spend together?
  • Does you partner in your daily life?
  • Whose territory do you meet?
  • What makes you a man?
  • If he does, then he or only at your request?
  • If he introduced you to his friends?
  • Do you communicate with them?

If the answers to most of these questions are not encouraging, perhaps you are in a relationship with someone who uses you.

5. He’s too serious about this

The perfectionist, everything has to be perfect. Some men carefully think through and plan for a long time, how to arrange the important events in your life. He has long been ready, just need to add a few more strokes. Maybe he planned to introduce you to my parents in any particular place. Or it is not this auspicious day without the presence of numerous relatives, who are scattered around the world.

For organization-wide feast will take plenty of time and money. It is possible that his family has kognovitsky ritual for such a case. Maybe he promised himself to bring his one-of-parent home in an expensive car or to arrange a meeting future wife with family in my own apartment.

6. Parents against

The parents of your partner are adults with their ideas about life and desires. They may simply not want to meet girls his son until the case came to the wedding or even children. If your partner was previously married, the parents can still very fondly about his ex, especially if there are grandchildren.

Sometimes parents are willing to communicate with a woman his son, only if she becomes the mother of his children. Maybe they are too sensitive and don’t want to settle for “passing” friends son, not to worry, if there’s a gap.

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