Why not to sleep with wet hair? The opinion of doctors and folk superstitions about washing hair at night

Why not to sleep with wet hair? The opinion of doctors and folk superstitions about washing hair at night

As you know, treatments relax and help you sleep. So many people take a shower just before bedtime. Wait until dry hair, do not always have the time and desire. However, there is a belief that with wet hair is dangerous. If this is true actually that bad can happen, it should be understood. Very important in this question to know the opinion of doctors, cosmetologists.

Recommendations of experts in the field of cosmetology

The scalp has a multilayer structure. On the outer side of each hair coats the cuticle in the form of flakes. It provides hair protection against harmful external influences, retains moisture, adds Shine, elasticity and strength of hair.

On the scalp such scales slightly ajar, and so the hair becomes more vulnerable. If a woman goes to bed, not drying the hair, then during sleep they are crushed, Islamabad. In the morning on straightening hair takes a lot of effort.

There are such problems:

• fading hairline;

• split ends;

• loss of elasticity and strength;

• brittle locks;

• the appearance of seborrhea;

• hair loss.

Systematic sleep with insufficiently dried hair can lead to serious problems, because not only damaged the hair thread, but also, directly, the onion. Some even argue, sleep with wet hair harms the hair no less than the use of different cosmetic products, the use of Curling irons, hair dryer.

Tips qualified doctors (dermatologists, trichologists)

Doctors suggest men and women to get rid of habits we head for the night shortly before bedtime. From a scientific point of view, to go to bed with wet or damp hair is inappropriate for the following reasons:

1. Banal hypothermia, although it is minor, but it is enough to inflammation of the hair follicles. The harm of sleeping with a never-dried hair results in the occurrence of discomfort (itching, pain in the head, spasm of the neck muscles, migraine). These symptoms can be redness on the epidermis, rashes. Slowly developing alopecia.

2. Colds, flu, sinusitis, otitis. High probability of Contracting one of these diseases if you sleep with the window open.

3. Dust mites, mold. The man who sleeps with wet hair unconsciously helps accelerate the breeding of dust mites that live in pillows of feathers. Parasites cause allergic reaction, acne on skin, asthma.

Headache in the morning – not uncommon, as during sleep with with wet hair blood circulation. On one side of the head, the blood circulates better and worse.

The experience of former times, superstition and mysticism

Inveterate skeptics can not ignore this item. But still sometimes useful to listen to the advice and recommendations coming from ancient times. Furthermore, individual superstitions today are easily explained by scientists, doctors, cosmetologists.

In the villages grandmother forbade his granddaughters, having long, silky and thick hair to wash your hair before bedtime. It was believed that water washes away a person’s protective force, so the girl becomes unable to fight with evil spirits, her health weakens. However, it is not surprising, because it is easy to go to bed with wet hair, and Wake up in the morning with a runny nose.

Tips for those who do not have the opportunity to wash her hair in the morning

Sometimes washing your hair before bedtime is an urgent need. Then for such people there are a couple of tips that will help avoid problems with wet curls:

1. The first thing you want to worry about the temperature conditions in the room, to exclude the possibility of the night of the draft, hypothermia, colds. By the way, it is possible to ache and summer.

2. To prevent hair breakage, you should use professional tools (e.g., balm, mask, air). Critical care products cover the locks with a protective layer according to the type of film. Besides well-chosen cosmetics will not allow the hair to make untidy uniform, hair done in the morning will be easy.

3. It is also desirable that after washing at least a little to dry the hair with a towel. It will absorb a large part of the unwanted moisture.

Occasionally girls specifically go to sleep with wet hair, in order to obtain for the morning tidy, beautiful curls. Small natural curls are now very fashionable. The hair is simply braided in braids, but they should not be tight. The size of the waves is affected by the thickness of the braids. To create the curls and help the newest device for home hairstyles called “donut”.

So now, every girl knows why it is forbidden to fall asleep, not dry after washing hair. If you regularly adhere to the above principles, the hair will always be healthy, attractive. In addition, to clarify disputed issues can always master, for example the hairdresser.

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