Women’s belt: a variety of choices. Some belts are all the fashion and what they wear?

Women’s belt: a variety of choices. Some belts are all the fashion and what they wear?

Belt is not only men’s accessory, but the female can tell a lot about his mistress, about her tastes and preferences, consistency, love for fashion and colour. The strap is able to adjust the figure, emphasize the waist, to hide the shortcomings, to do the color accent on the clothes.

The belt goes well with business suits consisting of pants or skirts. The straps are preferably of leather, they last longer and retain good appearance. But the products made of synthetic materials wear out quickly and have a very unattractive appearance.

Earlier belts were only used for tying pants and hold them at the waist. Now they not only perform its direct functions, but also serve as a fashionable item of clothing, the accents, are the adornment for different outfits. Today recommend designers?

Wide belt

The fashion is still wide strap, it perfectly emphasizes the waist and makes it more subtle. Such models are, as a rule, does not decorate, choose color low-key, quiet. Wear them with business clothes and casual, Jersey tunics, dresses.

Belts made of leather of exotic animals

This belt has for many years enjoyed great popularity. Itself a decorative element, snakeskin or crocodile, it goes well with plain clothes, dresses, skirts. The cost of such models is quite high.


Metal belts are back in fashion. They are made in the form of chains of gold and silver. Can be decorated with leather, fabrics, lacing, additional rows of chains. In extremely thin fashion belts-chain, any major details no longer relevant. To wear these options with dresses made of light fabrics, such as silk.

Slim classic women’s belt

Is still popular this season elegant women’s slim straps. Wear them strictly at the waist, it is not allowed to lowering them below the waist to the hips. Can be leather and textile, imitation leather. Perfectly with business suits, elegant dresses from light fabrics, and a dense, wool. This strap will accentuate the waist, will add grace, subtlety.

Strap natural beige

Several seasons out of fashion strap is beige. By popularity you can compare him with the strap in black. Beige option can be used in any outfit, any style and color, it is completely universal, apparently, and therefore remains valid both in winter and in summer.

The straps are braided

Regained popularity braided straps, however, designers offer a rather modest model, without any specifics. They are perfect for denim clothing, clothing of casual style, will become the adornment of knitted dress or tunic. The braided belt is able to emphasize the individuality of clothing and style.

Neon straps

The belts are an unusual neon colors appeared this season as a decoration in suits and dresses. It is recommended to wear clean clothes of a particular style. Neon straps will not fit classic clothes and the clothes of casual style.

Straps, a combination of several materials

The present design strap that combines a variety of materials, cloth, leather, metal parts. This is the absolute element of the decor, such a product would decorate kleshenyh silk long skirt or a plain Jersey dress. Designers offer a variety of straps: a combination of wide and over a narrow band, is decorated with flowers made of leather, twisted straps. For designers this is a great opportunity for creativity.

Rope belt

Classic belt, made of rope with knobs of metal at its ends. The belt is suitable for loose fitting clothing made of denim fabric, linen fabric. Goes well with linen trousers, skirt, cotton dress, shorts, a summer tunic. Shoes chosen for completeness of the image the same sporty and comfortable, like clothes, suited moccasins, ballet flats, sneakers. Strap ideally be combined with clothes marine style. Business style and business clothing completely exclude the wearing of such a model.

Tips for selecting a belt

When buying a belt, you should consider what clothes you will wear it. Perhaps the belt loops on the clothing is not so wide as the purchased belt. You can pick up certain pants, dress, you can buy a universal model that will suit to any clothing. The color of such a strap should be soft, calm, and classic.

Very hard to pick up the strap so that it is combined with all the accessories used in the dress, but it was enough that he was close to something one to the bag or to shoes.

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